The Villa Fernandes in Portici (Na) (via Diaz 140) took place on Wednesday 1 March 2017 at 4.30 pm, the convention for the presentation and launch of the project “S.F.E.R.A. – Educational and Educational Support to Nursing Networks.

Following the welcome of Anna Schettini, President of the Social Cooperative Shannara of Portici, there were the institutional greetings of Stefania Rodà, Vice-Prefect of Naples, Cesare Romano, Campania’s Childhood and Adolescent Guarantor, Salvatore Pace, Delegate Director Of Mayor at the Metropolitan City of Naples, Giovanni Russo, Head of the Provincial Center for Adult Education Naples Province 2. They attended the project SFERA Angela Visconti, Coordinator of the SFERA Project, Marco Marocco, Project Coordinator of the Shannara Social Cooperative, Jomahe Alexandra Solìs Barzola, President of Casba Social Cooperative and Alessandra Parrella, Nova Koinè Social Promotion Association. Moderated by Carmine Urciuoli, Communication Coordinator of the SFERA Project.